If you create a account in Coiros.com, you must read and accept the terms and conditions Written in this document.

In compliance with the LSSI Law 34/2002 of July 11 Services Society Information and Electronic Commerce, if you want to stop using our services and to unsubscribe, just has to send an email with personal data (ID and Password) indicating in the post "Delete".
All information provided will be treated according to Law 15/1999 of Dec 13, Protection of Personal Data and supplementary provisions.
Coiros.com agree not to assign or sell this information to third parties without your consent.
If, for some reason, does not accept our terms and conditions shall be removed from our system.
Coiros.com, reserves the right to edit, delete or edit rules herein without notice.
You have the right to alter data or terminate your account at any time.

Responsibility of Users
You acknowledge being of legal age in your country. Minors may not participate in our program.
You agree to use your own name and email address in our program.
You will use your ID and password to access your control panel in our program, therefore, is your responsibility of the conservation protection of such personal data.
You are solely responsible for your account and the movements of it if authorize third parties to handle your account.
You agree NOT to make any kind of traps intended to fatten his accumulated balance, this is cause for dismissal from the program and loss of accumulated income.
You as a member of Coiros.com is responsible for reporting program income in country to pay the taxes imposed their state government.
You further agree to use your real data in the form of suscripcióna our program.

Limitation of Liability
Coiros.com reserves the right to terminate the accounts of users who cheat.
Coiros.com agrees to save and protect the database program, but in the unlikely event that it was hacked or deleted somehow, does not guarantee 100% recovery of data stored, so it will recover the backup more recently, accepting all users of the program the status of it.

Anti Spam policy
You can not make the practice of SPAM to promote our program. The Failure to comply may be cause for delete account.
Please be honest and you will see how he is rewarded with the confidence of others. There are many forms of promotion without having to resort to criminal ways.

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